295 Woods Roads
Elkton, Maryland 21921


Welcome To Camp Rebel Ridge !!!

Let your dogs enjoy paradise!

228 acres of fields, woods, walking paths, and ponds - heaven on earth!

The Rebel Ridge Farms Facility was established in 1992 by owner Lyn Yelton. Fields, overgrown with wild rose and heavy brush were groomed.  Several ponds and ditches were carefully designed and added to enhance the grounds for Retriever Training and Trials.  Each year something new is added or changed to the Retriever Training area to enhance the facility and offer a new challenge to the working retrievers.  The Retriever Training facilities are leased to training groups and American Kennel Clubs (AKC) between April 1 and October 31.  Rebel Ridge currently hosts over a dozen AKC events annually - including six Retriever Field Trials, six Retriever Hunting Tests, and two Cocker Spaniel Hunting Tests.  Rebel Ridge also has an indoor pavilion which is used for Club events, seminars, and canine health clinics.

In 2001, a state-of-the-art boarding facility was built with your pet’s health, safety and comfort in mind. To further insure the welfare of your pet the owner of Rebel Ridge Farms lives on the premises. The facility currently has 45 indoor/outdoor runs for the dogs, five of which are double sized to accommodate large family groups.  There are 13 fenced and lighted exercise fields used for airing, playing, and for simple outside relaxation. We also have several walking trails around the farm for those guests seeking some quiet one-on-one time with the staff. The facility has its own septic system, a state of the art air circulation system, radiant floor heat as well as central air conditioning.  As we continue to grow, additional facilities are being considered as we would like to offer an private suites, an indoor exercise, obedience and agility area and possibly a physical therapy and swimming facility.

We also have a small cattery with two large windows, a large window sill for catching rays and taking in the scenery, and, of course, lots of toys and shelves to climb for the curious cat.  Private condos are available for those who prefer their own space.